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August 05, 2020

Did you know why bicycles are invented? According to its History, bicycles were invented because of a Volcano that killed the horses. Looks like a toy, right? I know you can guess what is this one! This one is the First Bicycle in the world! The first bicycle was made by Giovanni Fontana an Italian Engineer in the year 1418 then after 400 years (1813) a German aristocrat and inventor named Karl von Drais began work on his own version of a Laufmaschine (running machine), a four-wheeled, human-powered vehicle. 4 years after (1817) Drais debuted a two-wheeled vehicle, known by many names throughout Europe, including Draisienne, dandy horse, and a hobby horse. Woah! Watta history! Now, in our days all of the bicycles are made of metal and have different colors, not just used as transportation but also in sports.